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Digital Marketing Executive Administrative Assistant

About the Role

The Digital Marketing Executive Assistant (EA) reports directly to the Executive Director of Digital Marketing and will provide executive support in a one-on-one working relationship.  The EA serves as the primary point of contact for the Executive Director and also serves as a liaision with all staff.  The EA must enjoy working in a team environment that is mission driven, results driven, and community oriented.  The individual will have the ability to exercise good judgement in a variety of situations and will possess strong written and verbal communication, administrative, and organizational skills. The ability to maintain a realistic balance among multiple priorities is imperative.  The EA must be able to work under pressure at times to handle a wide variety of activiites and confidential matters with discretion. 

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Schedule meetins, appointments, and conferences for the Executive Director

  • Ensure the Director is aware of upcoming commitments and deadlines

  • Coordinate with internal and external stakeholders schedule meetings and events

  • Handle and prioritize emails, phone calls, and correspondence on behalf of the Executive Director

  • Draft, proofread, and edit documents, reports, presentations, and communications

  • Arrange travel plans, including flights, accomodations, and transportation 

  • Prepare meeting agendas, materials, and presentations

  • Attend meetings, take minutes, and follow up on action items

  • Organize and maintain digital and physical files, ensuring easy retrieval 

  • Manage document version control and ensure confidentiality 

  • Process expense reports, track expenses, and reconcile receipts 

  • Ensure compliance with company expense policies

  • Assist in the planning and execution of digial marketing projects

  • Track project timelines, milestones, and budgets

  • Prepare reports and summaries for the Executive Director

  • Collect and analyze data related to digital marketing campaigns and initiatives 

  • Liaise with vendors, supplies, and service providers

  • Obtain quotes, negotiate contracts, and ensure timely delivery of goods and services

  • Collaborate with the digital marketing team members, as needed

  • Maintain office supplies, equipment, and facilities

  • Coordinate office maintenance and repairs

  • Assist in organizing departmental events, workshops, and conferences

  • Handle logistics, invitations, and RSVP's

  • Handle sensitive information withe the utmost confidentiality and discretion 

  • Address issues and challenges that may arise in the daily operations of the digital marketing department

  • Be flexible and willing to take on new tasks and responsibilities as the needs of the department and Executive Director evolve

  • Be proficient in office software (e.g. Microsoft Office Suite) and any specialized digital marketing tools or software used by the department 

  • Prioritize tasks effectively to ensure the Executive Director's time is used efficiently 

  • Act as a communication bridge between the Executive Director and other team members, departments, and external contacts

  • Stay updated on digital marketing trends, tools, and best practices to provide informed support

  • Represent the Executive Director and the department professionally in all interactions 

  • Monitor and engage withe the online community on the Executive Director's or department's social media platforms

  • Respond to comments, messages, and inquiries in a timely and professional manner 

  • Foster a positive online presence, building and maintaining relationships with followers and stakeholders

  • Report on social media metrics and trends to help shape digital marketing strategies

  • Ensure that the Executive Director's or department's social media content aligns with branding and communication guidelines


  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration or related area

  • At least 3-5 years of experience

  • Experience with Microsoft Office Suite, SharePoint, and other storage systems

  • Ability to juggle competing demands and to prioritize work with a sense of urgency in dynamic, fast-paced environment

  • Verbal and written communication skills

  • Ability to work autonomously and in a team environment, while paying strict attention to detail

  • Excellent organizational skills and as analytical view on maximizing productivity

  • A reliable and trustworthy team member, with a strong understanding of confidential awareness as appropriate

Submit resume, cover letter, and salary requirement to

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